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If you have turned 18 and intend to drive car then you can think of buying monthly auto insurance for 18 year old drivers. Such a prerogative could be a necessity as it is mandatory for drivers to have valid insurance coverage for driving cars legally on road in the entire United States.

The average monthly car insurance for 18 year old drivers could be high as young new drivers are more likely to get involved in accidents or collisions. Studies indicate that the probability of young drivers filing claims is higher and so, insurers are put to risks. To compensate for the risks associated for granting car coverage to young and new drivers, insurance companies charge high premiums. But it is possible to save money on premiums; you only need to know how.

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Extensive shopping could be the key for finding the best monthly car insurance for 18 yr old drivers and to that effect, it could be vital for you to obtain free non-binding proposals from multiple reputed insurers in your local area. We can help you in getting the most affordable quotes for new young drivers who have just turned 18.

Try to Keep Your Grades High

To enhance chances of securing an auto insurance premium which is affordable and sustainable for 18 year old driver, you need to make sure that you are maintaining good grades in your academics. Most of the insurers assume that young drivers who have excellent grades are safer drivers and so, provide lower premiums as likelihood of filing claims is low.

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Dos & Don’ts to Reduce Average Cost Of Monthly Car Insurance for 18 Yr Old

Don’t modify cars

Avoid doing any modifications in the car that you are driving as that can lead alter overall performance of car and even result in expensive repairs. This way you may have better chance of qualifying for a lower sustainable premium.

Do shop around

Get free non-binding quotes from several different top rated car insurance providers in your neighbourhood and compare them in detail. Such a proposition could enable you to locate the best and the most affordable quote for your needs and budget.

Don’t drive powerful cars

Expensive powerful cars will require more money to insure as compared to low power vehicles. As you are a starter, driving cheap old used car with a good mileage is a desirable option and you can save money on premium.

Do take extra training

By getting enrolled for a training course or pass plus scheme for learning defensive driving techniques with a government approved institute, you could be able to qualify for a special discount which can go a long way in reducing premium.

4 Important Tips For Finding Cheaper Monthly Car Insurance For 18 Year Olds

  • Choose a Job or School Close to Home – Insurance providers may ask for details of your job or school since the distance for which you will be driving everyday will expose you to higher risks. Besides, lot could also depend in the area and location of school or job. Some areas are more prone to crime and in certain cities, traffic density is extremely high during peak hours.
  • Drive an Inexpensive Car – At a tender age, the idea of driving a sports car or luxury sedan might appear to be fascinating but getting such cars insured will require lot of money. In addition, the mileage will be low and maintenance or repair costs extremely high. Hence, it is suggested that you think of driving an inexpensive car that is affordable and sustainable.
  • Take a Driver's Education Course – Driver’s training courses are being conducted by several training institutes and taking a course of this type can be beneficial as you will learn how to driver your car safely. In addition, insurers offer discount to such drivers as their propensity to meet with accidents is less. It is estimated that driver training courses can reduce premium rate by 10-20%.
  • Consider Selecting Higher Deductibles – If you choose a car insurance policy with higher deductibles then you can get your auto insurance premium lowered drastically. But selecting of deductibles can lead to higher out of pocket expenses should the insured car meet with an accident. Thus, there is a chance that the money saved by deductibles can all go in vain and you may be even needed to shell out more money post an accident.
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