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Determining how much is car insurance per month is always been tricky process since there could be a number of factors which need to be considered for deciding the level of premiums that can be charged. Besides, there may be few things which drivers also need to consider before they start researching various options for getting their cars insured at lower premium rates.

By now almost everyone knows that for driving vehicle legally on road it is necessary to have valid driver’s license and insurance policy that meets requirements stipulated by each state’s insurance rules and regulations. To understand how much is the average car insurance per month? Here is some information which drivers across the nation may find useful.

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Average car insurance cost per month by the state

  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio
  • Vermont
  • California
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine

In these states, how much is car insurance per month? The answer is that, There ranges from approx. $148 to $175.

On the other hand, average auto insurance cost per month in the below mentioned 5 states could be the lowest in U.S.

The average cost of car insurance per month in these states could be in the range $75 to $84. In the remaining states, insurance premium costs per month vary from $87 to $148. To know the average cost of auto insurance per month in his state, driver will have to study numerous proposals.

But why do all this? For finding the lowest premium rate, we can be of great help! To save money on insurance costs, all that a drivers needs to do is enter their state’s zip code to get and compare multiple free non-binding quotes within minutes.

Tips to buying Auto Insurance Per Month
  • Average auto insurance per month prices by city:

    Drivers staying in large cities will have to spend more money on auto insurance premiums than their counterparts who reside in other parts of the state. The main reason for this is that in cities there could be more vehicles on road because of which the probability of accidents taking place is higher.

  • Cost of average car insurance per month by company:

    The average cost of car insurance for each month could also vary from company to company. Each insurer is different and so could be the features of the policies which they offer. As a result, premium charged will be distinctly different thereby leading to difference in average monthly insurance costs.

  • Car coverage must be continuous:

    Average cost of auto insurance premiums may differ according to the age of the driver as well. To that effect, car policies for drivers under the age of 21 years could be expensive as drivers in this age group pose higher risks to insurers. Older people are considered safe driver.