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You could think of securing a daily car insurance cover if you are borrowing a vehicle from a friend or relative for a single day for enjoying holiday or for a 1 day business tour. Besides, you may also consider buying daily auto insurance coverage if you want to insure another driver to your car policy for a single day.

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Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there might be several other reasons for which you may buy a daily insurance car covers with no money down. Some of them are as under:

  • When considering purchasing a private party used car, you may want to take a test drive to ascertain safety of the vehicle and get adequately covered for the process to protect yourself from crash.
  • If your car is getting repaired in a garage, you may be provided alternative vehicle for one day as courtesy but you as a driver might not be insured under the temporary car’s current insurance cover.
  • You are thinking of buying a car and want to drive it to your house legally prior to getting an annual auto insurance coverage as per your state’s vehicle insurance rules and regulations.
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Important Guidelines For Buying Car Insurance Daily
  • Getting a daily car insurance cheap could be desirable when you are giving the car to your friend or relative for one day and you need to comply with state law for making sure that vehicle and driver is properly covered.
  • You are borrowing friend’s car for a day which only has a third party auto insurance daily cover and intend to get comprehensively covered while driving on road.
  • In case your car is off road with proper SORN in place and there is need to get it repaired in a garage.

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Know When You Can Use A Daily Insurance For Car To Your Advantage
  • You can effectively use auto insurance daily basis to your advantage if you intend to protect your no claims bonus earned because of your reputation for being a safe driver especially when someone else is borrowing a vehicle for 1 day. If the person who has borrowed your car for a day meets with an accident, the vehicle may need urgent repairs due to which your “safe driver” reputation is under threat. A one day car policy can be useful in such circumstances.
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