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Looking to get a low cost learner driver car insurance policy? Well, you are at the right place! Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online for finding an auto insurance cover for learner drivers that fits your budget. Act to save lot of money and time during your effort.

What Is A Learner Driver’s Car Insurance?

A learner driver vehicle insurance is a short term or temporary car cover that offers coverage to a driver with provisional license for learning how to drive car on road. Adding learner driver to car insurance of parent’s existing policy can lead to tremendous hike in premium. Besides, such a proposition can even affect his “No Claims Bonus” in case teen meets with an accident.

To that effect, a temporary learner driver car insurance cover can be of great help in keeping down parent’s premium amount. You can buy a short term car policy of this type for a period ranging from 1- 3 months.

What To Look For When Buying A Short Term Learner Driver Car Insurance?

Many companies offer learner driver temporary car insurance policies and some of the best deals can be found on the internet with ease. Nevertheless, insurers may have some basic requirements for providing such types of vehicle covers to prospective buyers.

By buying an affordable learner driver car insurance short term cover online; you can get adequate coverage while honing driving skills even if you are learning to drive a borrowed car. Additionally, you can also find some discounted insurance packages.

Therefore, if you are parent, who is thinking of adding a learner driver to your car insurance policy, you have a better option at your hands. For securing a good deal, all you need to do is compare several proposals.

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3 Important Tips For Obtaining The Best Learner Driver Car Insurance Policy

If you have purchased a car and are on the lookout for cheap own car learner driver insurance cover online, we may assist you in finding one which will get automatically upgraded to fully licensed car driver policy after you have passed the driving test. Here are few useful guidelines that might prove to be useful in locating low cost learner driver car insurance quotes.

adding a learner driver to my car insurance

Take out annual provisional insurance If you are a driver who has a provisional license then you can buy an annual provisional learner driver’s auto insurance cover and keep staying with us even after you have passed the driving test. Insurers will fit a black box like device to study your driving habits for determining premium which can be charged. However, level of premiums will increase once you pass the driving test as the number of miles which you will drive annually will be more.

can a learner driver get car insurance

Drive well, pay less You can end up saving up to 21% money on premium costs if you are a safe driver. Most of the insurance providers provide special discount to drivers if they learn guidelines for driving with regards to speed to be maintained, acceleration, cornering and braking, etc. One must also avoid getting into reckless driving practices or indulged in frequent traffic violations. This could help in lowering premium on your learner driver’s auto insurance cover and thus, save lot of money.

can i add a learner driver to my car insurance

Earn your no claims discount The cost of adding learner driver to car insurance policy of parent is high, if you purchase auto insurance coverage for your teenaged leaner driver son or daughter separately, it will help in building no claims bonus early in life provided he drives car safely. Another major advantage of opting for such a move is that you have the chance to drive the same car even after you get full license. This means you don’t have to cope up with transitional problems.

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Know Why You Need To Get A Cheap Learner Driver Car Insurance Coverage
  • If you have got enrolled for a training course for learner drivers then you just don’t have to worry about insurance. This is because the car you will be driving is already insured and so are you. The fees charged by driving schools are inclusive of all charges including fuel expenses. But if you practice driving in your own car or borrowed vehicle, you need to get adequate insurance coverage.
  • As per requirements mandated by the Driving Standards Agency, learner drivers must hone driving skills for at least 20 hours over and above 47 hours of tutorials that are essential before appearing for a driving test. If you drive your dad’s or mom’s car then there is a likelihood of meeting with an accident and it can adversely impact no claims bonus on your parent’s car insurance policy resulting in increased premium. In addition, such a proposition cannot benefit you in any other way either.
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