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To get affordable monthly car insurance for under 21 year olds, it could be vital for you to follow certain guidelines. Getting a low cost auto insurance policy for 21 year old drivers is not easy as most of the insurers perceive high degree of risks when granting coverage. This is on account of the fact that the probability of younger inexperienced drivers for filing claims could be much higher.

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Can I Purchase A Cheaper Car Insurance Policy If I Am Under 21 Years Old?

You might wonder whether it is really possible to obtain cheaper and adequate auto insurance cover for an under 21 driver. But such a proposition can be a reality these days if you have information on the subject. That’s where the role of an expert can play a crucial role. We can assist you to fix free consultation with a local specialist within few minutes.

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Finding affordable monthly car insurance for 21 year old female and male drivers quotes could be challenging if you attempt to undertake the task on your own. But with the guidance from a local certified and experienced agent, things can be much easier and stress-free.

We may enable you to get the best free quotes on a monthly car insurance for a 21 year old female or male driver. Just let us know your specific auto insurance requirements and our local expert will get in touch with you almost instantly.

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4 Useful Tips For To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Under 21 Year Old Drivers

average cost of monthly car insurance for 21 year old male

Age-Based DiscountsInsurers do provide various discounts to experienced drivers once they attain the age of 25 years. To that effect, you may not qualify for majority of these financial concessions except a special discount for college going students. If you have maintained good grades in your academics during the past 3 years, you can secure this discount and lower your premium.

average monthly car insurance for a 21 year old

Consolidate Your Policies With One CompanyYou can also earn an extra discount on your premium if you get multiple insurance policies from the same insurer. For this purpose, select one company and get house, life, health and car insured with it. By doing so, you will have to deal with only one insurer and insurance agent who will take care of all your insurance needs.

best monthly car insurance for 21 year old male

Improve and Fix your Credit ScoreInsurers use credit scores of buyers for assessing risks associated with granting car coverage. Studies show that drivers, who have bad or no credit ratings, are more likely to file claims as compared to those who have good credit. Insurance companies use these findings for calculating premiums and so, as a young driver, take steps to improve your credit score.

Clean Your Driving RecordYou can earn an additional discount on your under 21 years old driver car insurance policy premium if your driving record is clean. Insurers prefer safe drivers and so, you need to make sure that you abide by traffic rules and regulations at all times when on road. Besides, do not indulge in reckless driving practices while driving your car.

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4 Ways For Reducing Your 21 Year Old Monthly Car Insurance Average Rates
  • Obtain Good Student DiscountMost of the insurers will give a 20% discount on your auto insurance premium if you have maintained an average B grade or GPA of 3.0 or above consistently for the last 3 years and successfully completed training course for learning defensive driving techniques from a government approved training institute.
  • Enrol In Pay-As-You-Drive ProgramLeading national insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, Progressive and Liberty Mutual provide discounts after assessing driver’s driving habits, number of miles being driven annually as well as how often they drive. If you fit their criteria, you can save up to 25% on your car insurance coverage premium.
  • It Is Better To Avoid Filing Small ClaimsIf you have filed small claims for issues like everyday car repairs over a 3 to 5 year period then majority of the insurers will take note of that and charge high premiums. Some may even refrain from working with you as they will see you as a potential risk.
  • Shop And Compare Car Insurance RatesExtensive shopping is crucial for finding the lowest and the best auto insurance premium rates for your specific driving circumstances. You could save hundreds of precious dollars on your annual car insurance premium amount if you invest time in comparing free non-binding quotes secured from several different top rated insurers.
The 3 Major Advantages Of Buying A Cheap Month To Month Car Insurance
3 Other Ways to Lower Monthly Car Insurance for 21 Year Old Male Drivers
  • Telematics insurance – One way of bringing down average monthly car insurance rates for 21 year old female or male drivers is to opt for a Telematics auto insurance policy. To provide such type of car coverage, insurers will fit black box type devise in your car for monitoring your driving habits and also record the number of miles that you will drive.
  • Short term car insurance for 21 year olds – Average monthly car insurance for 21 year old male or female drivers premiums can be high if you choose an annual policy. If you don’t have sufficient money to pay premium at one go with a lump sum amount then you can opt for a short term or temporary young driver auto insurance cover for 1,2, 3 or 6 months.
  • Car insurance groups – All types of cars fall in one or the other car insurance groups that are categorized from numbers 1 to 50. Drivers with cars which have powerful engines can expect to pay more towards premiums. In addition, car performance, repair costs and safety features can be other parameters that might impact the level of premiums being charged by insurance providers.
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