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You may think of buying a pay per mile auto insurance policy if you drive your car less frequently. Such a move might help you to save money on coverage especially during times when gas charges continue to go up. can assist you in finding the best pay by the mile car insurance quote online within minutes. To explore your low cost options, act today! Benefit with a customized solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget.

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Know How Exactly Does A Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Coverage Works

  • In a typical pay by mile car insurance cover, your insurer will install a black box type device for monitoring the number of miles that you drive annually. This also helps the insurance company in calculating premium as it will have an inkling of your driving habits as well. You only need to ensure that your driving slate is clean.

  • Apart from your driving record, your age, gender, status of credit report and the type of vehicle that is to be insured could play a pivotal role in determining affordability of premium. Insurers use these factors for calculation of base insurance rate to which per mile fees will be added. To know more, talk to a competent local agent now!

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Clear Off These 4 Myths Associated With Pay Per Mile Insurance Policies

pay per mile insurance Speeding Doesn’t Affect The Car Insurance Discount

Since pay by the mile auto insurance covers involve continuous tracking of driver’s driving habits, many people are given to the belief that speeding can retard car insurance discount. Well it’s a myth as insurers don’t use speeding as a factor for calculation of premium.

pay by mile car insurance Insurers Track Locations And Calculate Premiums

This assumption is untrue as insurers fit monitoring device for the purpose of locating vehicle in the event it gets stolen or there is a need for roadside assistance should the insured vehicle breaks down. Thus, insurers value the safety and security of your car.

pay by the mile car insurance If Monitoring Device Shows Poor Driving, Rates Will Rise

In pay insurance per mile policies, premiums will not increase even if your driving is below par. So, you o have the opportunity to save money. And if you have consistently maintained good driving history, you will benefit as insurer will provide you special discount.

best pay per mile insurance Auto Insurance Companies Share Customers’ Information

It could be another myth among drivers. Companies that offer Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) programs don’t leak any personal details unless required by law. Customer information may be needed to be shared if the insured car meets with an accident or collision that is under investigation.

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3 Big Advantages Of Buying The Best Pay Per Mile Insurance Policy Quote
    You can few precious dollars while purchasing car insurance you pay by the mile if you are an occasional driver. Besides, you may also secure some vital advantages as under.

  • Number of miles is not an issue if you are required to drive over 250 miles during a single day.
  • You can qualify for the lowest premium rate by comparing multiple free no obligation quotes offered by several different top rated local auto insurance companies.
  • As monitoring device will be fitted in your car, you will tend to be extra cautious regarding your driving habits and so, drive car responsibly.
Determine How Much You Can Save With Cheap Pay By Mile Car Insurance
  • Most of the PAYD programs that are available in the market enable drivers to save money every month without compromising on the extent of car coverage. So, there is no need to limit your coverage.
  • By qualifying for a discounted PAYD program package, it is possible to save 20 to 50 percent on your premium. So, make sure that you ask about discounts at the time of comparing your options.
  • Savings on pay per mile vehicle insurance can be huge as compared to normal annual policies. You can save up to at least few hundred annually on your insurance premium.
Is Buying Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Policy A Good Move? Just Find Out Now
Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Policies Encourage Drivers To Drive Car Less
  • The Concept Is Not New – Companies have been providing PAYD programs since the mid 80s. For people who drive cars less frequently, particularly women, the premiums will be low as there is lower probability of meeting with an accident. Driving more miles raises coverage risks for insurers as there is higher possibility of accidents or collisions.
  • It Is a Win-Win Situation – As drivers are required to send photos of odometers in their cars at regular intervals, insurers know that there are less chances of fraud. And even drivers have the chance to roll over the unused mileage or buy some extra coverage in policy so as to ensure complete financial protection.
  • Less Mileage – Go Green – Various models of PAYD programs promote the go green idea as they encourage drivers to drive cars less frequently. It also helps the United States in reducing its dependency on oil imports as well as in preventing degradation of environment that is important for the survival of a healthy society.
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