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What Exactly Is Car Rental Insurance Coverage?

A car rental insurance coverage that is specially designed for drivers who get cars on lease from rental companies. This type of a car cover helps in protecting the driver from financial risks which might arise during the time period for which car is being got on rent. Usually, company's car insurance rental car policy don’t include unlisted drivers. Get Started For Your Free Quote Today!

You may need a rented vehicle when you are at a new place within or outside your state. And having a cheap car rental insurance may prove to be worthwhile.

Explore Your Reasons To Buy Cheap Rental Car Insurance Online

Few national insurance carriers like MonthToMonthCarsInsurance offer comprehensive and collision coverage features on regular policies that also include rental cars. If you already have a car which is insured but still, need to get a car on rent then you need to first check out with your insurer whether rental car is also covered. Besides, there could be few other factors that may prompt you to buy a separate low cost car insurance rental car as mentioned below.

  • Your current personal car insurance policy that has high deductible doesn’t provide coverage for rental cars or does not have sufficient comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • If you don’t own a car, there is little need to buying rental car insurance. So, your options to get a car cover are limited especially when engaging rental car services.
  • There is a probability that while driving rented car; you may meet with an accident that can cause your personal car insurance rates shoot up. Buying cheap rental car insurance can give you complete protection.
  • Personal auto insurance policies normally don’t cover business trips undertaken with rented cars.
  • You are about to travel overseas for enjoying vacation or for some business related work where you may need auto rental insurance service for solving your transportation problems.
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Know About The 4 Different Types Of Insurance On Rental Car Covers

online rental car insurance Loss/Collision Damage Waiver

It is also known as LDW or CDW coverage and grants financial protection to driver if rental car gets vandalized, stolen or damaged in an accident.

car insurance rental Liability Coverage

It is popularly known as “Supplemental Liability Insurance” or SLI. This kind of rental insurance protects driver when a rental vehicle meets with an accident causing bodily injuries to fellow passengers or other persons.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) pays expenses for costs incurred on medical services, hospital treatments for bodily injuries by rental car driver and all fellow passengers.

Personal Effects Insurance Coverage

This type of car rental insurance coverage feature pays costs for theft of or damages caused to driver’s personal items in rental car for whatsoever reason.

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Why Buy A Car Insurance Rental Coverage With Collision Damage Waiver?

It could be vital to buy car rental insurance coverage since there is always a distinct possibility of the vehicle meeting with an accident or its getting stolen. In such situations, huge unexpected bills from rental companies can wreak havoc on the driver’s finances. But when you as a driver of rental car, have insurance coverage, the waiver could be liable to pay expenses on rental car repairs or even replacement of its parts. In addition, there is a likelihood that the rental car company may hold you responsible for dents on the hired car despite you not being.

Damages to rental car could be due to several different reasons. They can be the outcome of your parking it, the vehicle getting stolen from a parking lot or an agent’s failure to underwrite pre-existing condition. These kinds of occurrences are common at airport terminals where damages could be of a serious nature. In such circumstances, if you have purchased a collision waiver damage coverage feature, it might come to your rescue. The CDW cover will pay off costs for damages resulting on account of any reason and thus, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when driving rental car.

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