How much is monthly car insurance premium with full coverage

How much is monthly car insurance premium on an average?

Many people may wonder, “How much is monthly insurance on a car?” Well, if you are one of them then you need to know that in the United States, drivers spend $150 for vehicle insurance on an average. Besides, premiums charged for auto insurance policies can depend on a variety of factors like type and amount of coverage sought, state in which you reside, make and model of car, etc.

How much is monthly car insurance cost for a 17 year old?

If you are a 17 year old driver who is thinking, “How much car insurance cost for a month?” then you have to be prepared to pay significantly higher premium. Majority of the insurers across the country consider this category of individuals to be reckless drivers. Statistics show that accident rates for high school student drivers are comparatively much higher than those who belong to higher age groups. Nevertheless, 17 year olds can qualify for discounts on premiums if they maintain good grades in academics and take course in defensive driving.

Know how monthly premium payment plans actually work

Most of the car insurance companies provide monthly premium schedules for 6 month car coverage as well as yearly policies. The monthly premium instalment is inclusive of fees that are usually quite nominal. However, average auto insurance premium rates are likely to vary from state to state. Here is some information pertaining to the same which is based on a study conducted in 2012.

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Find Out Monthly Premium Plans For Different States In USA

  • Alabama: $56.50
  • Alaska: $80.17
  • Arizona: $77.17
  • Arkansas: $57.75
  • California: $70.42
  • Colorado: $68.92
  • Connecticut: $82.58
  • Delaware: $85.67
  • Washington D.C.: $98.50
  • Florida: $88.58
  • Georgia: $65.33
  • Illinois: $61.92
  • Indiana: $54.75
  • Iowa: $46.25
  • Kansas: $49.17
  • Kentucky: $62.50
  • Louisiana: $89.67
  • Maine: $53.67
  • Maryland: $78.75
  • Massachusetts: $92.75
  • Michigan: $77.58
  • Idaho: $48.58
  • Mississippi: $62.08
  • Missouri: $57.08
  • Montana: $57.08
  • Nebraska: $51.75
  • Nevada: $81.92
  • New Hampshire: $66.00
  • New Jersey: $98.67
  • New Mexico: $60.58
  • Wyoming: $53.25
  • North Dakota: $46.17
  • Ohio: $55.75
  • Oklahoma: $56.50
  • Oregon: $61.42
  • Pennsylvania: $70.75
  • Rhode Island: $88.25
  • South Carolina: $62.75
  • South Dakota: $47.08
  • Tennessee: $54.92
  • Texas: $70.42
  • Minnesota: $65.92
  • Hawaii: $70.25
  • New York: $93.50
  • North Carolina: $50.17
  • Utah: $58.83
  • Vermont: $58.25
  • Virginia: $58.17
  • Washington: $70.00
  • West Virginia: $71.42
  • Wisconsin: $51.25

So if you are wondering, “How much is car insurance for a month?” from the above, it is clear that it depends on the state in which you currently live.

Learn Online How Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

For saving money on premiums charged for monthly car insurance plans online, there could be few important things which you need to consider. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same.

  • Learn How to Calculate Car Insurance Premiums

    Insurers use diverse methods for calculating monthly car insurance premiums but it they do account for the base rate, which is approved by every state’s Department Of Insurance, while carrying out calculations. In addition, insurance providers also consider age of driver and his past driving record for deciding premiums chargeable.

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